Su-ao Cold Springs Park

Su-ao Cold Spring is in Suao village, in the south of Yilan County. It is rich in rare mineral-spring resources besides the one in Venice of Italy in the world. Su-ao Cold Springs was found in 1928. In earlier days, Su-ao is famous for its sweet red bean jelly and its marble soda, both of which were made with the carbonated spring water. The cold springs of Su-ao produce colorless, odorless bicarbonate water at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. And it is the only calcium carbonate spring in Taipei.

National Center for Traditional Arts

National Traditional Arts Center is settled along the riverside of Dungshan, Wuchieh village, Yilan. It has an area of 24 hectares. Seen from the Dungshan River and the park, the scenery is very beautiful. The National Traditional Arts Center is set up to improve and save the culture of Taiwan. The centre is divided into the entrance, parking lots, the administration centre, the auditorium area, the technology area, and the industrial landscape area. It has become the most important tourist attractions of Yilan County since founded. At present, a new path using environmental pollution-free electric shuttle is built between the centre and Dungshan River Water Park.

Dungshan River WaterPark

Dungshan River Waterpark is located in Wuchieh, Ilan county. It is the end of preventing flood in Yilan. It is about 24 km, divided into three areas, up, middle, below for sporting, traveling, relaxing. The facilities include a boating area, a paddling area, a travel service center, an open theatre, a light boat garage, and a sports ground, etc. In recent years, many famous activities, such as dragon boat races in the festival, boating tournament in international schools, and the International Children’s Day, take place in Dungshan River Water Park. Dungshan River Water Park is wonderful for you and your family to enjoy a relaxing trip. 

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Tai Ping Shan Forest Park is located in Datong, Tai Chung County, 1950 meters above the level and 12,000 hectares in area. The forests that cover the area consist of such valuable trees as abundant cypress and pine trees. It used to be one of Taiwan’s three major forest recreation areas, ranking with Alishan Mountain and Baxian Mountain. The area is also famous for the geothermal energy at the Renze Hot Springs, the largest alpine lake on the island (Cuifeng Lake), and a variety of other enchanting sceneries. One of the prime tourist spots here is the Taipingshan primeval forest park, which you reach via flights or stone steps lined with purple-leafed maple trees that become especially rich in color in autumn, cool in summer and covered white snow in winter. Scenery here differs with the seasons. No wonder that this is a favorite spot worth visiting in all seasons!

Fushan Botanical Garden

Fushan Botanical Garden, located on the boundary between Ilan County’s Yuanshan Township and Taipei County’s Wulai Township, is the largest botanical park in Asia. The area is divided into 3 parts, Botanical Garden, Water protection Zone, and Hapen Nature Reservation Zone. However, only Botanical Garden is open to the visitors. It includes self-guided trails, signs, with interpretive plaques, wooden bridges, and pavilions for visitors to use. The park was established to preserve the characteristic forest ecology of northern Taiwan; most of its plant cover consists of natural temperate-zone broadleaf, and there is a complex mix of local vegetation as well as numerous species of wildlife in the area.

Yilan Wine Culture Centers

Yilan Winery, situated in Yilan County, has a history of one hundred.  It remains many old buildings from the Japanese colonial period. Nowadays, it has been changed into a tour wine factory full of local features. Yilan Wine Culture Centers was rebuilt on the base of an old warehouse of Japanese colonial period in the Yilan Winery. The various byproducts and cuisine made of wines provided you the history as well as the other related information of wine culture. Tourists can take a deep trip besides tasting different kinds of alcoholic products.

WuShi Harbour

Home to fresh seafood, a surfing beach, and Yilan’s most accessible port (from Taipei City), Wushigang is a fun place to spend the day, and is only a 90 minute journey from Taipei.

The harbour features a tourist fishery market, leisure yacht wharf, and is a great place to organise an expedition out on the seas!

Meaning “dark rock” in Chinese, Wushi Harbour was built as the primary port for the Lanyang and Toucheng areas of Yilan County during the Qing Dynasty. Due to the high amount of commerce in the area, pirates were drawn to the seas east of Taiwan, so the Qing set up a customhouse and cannon defence for the area.

At the centre of the port is the Wushi Port Visitor Center, designed by Victor Yu-chu Su to show Wushigang as the point which river meets the ocean, with architecture following a sailing theme. The lower level is a government-operated tourist centre and the upper level is a local shop and café.

The harbour was inaugurated in 1826 and at the time maintained waterways that linked to Qingyuan Temple and the local merchant Thirteen Trade Houses.

Lanyang Museum

The museum building was designed by a team led by Yao Ren-xi. Its design was inspired by the cuestas commonly seen along Beiguan Coast. The museum was designed as the geometric shape of the cuestas where the roof protrudes from the ground at an angle of 20 degrees meeting a wall which rises from the ground at an angle of 70 degrees. Thus the building emerges from the ground in a similar fashion to those cuestas.

Wufengchi Waterfall

Wufengchi Waterfall is a famous scenic spot in Jiaosi village of Yilan County. It was named after that 5 mountains behind the falls are like five burgees. The length of Wufengchi Waterfall is about 100 metres, which is divided into three. Abundant water in all seasons makes the forest green all year. The second part of the Wufengchi  Waterfall, called “good breath in West Mountain” ranks in Lanyang Eight Sights. A pavilion of viewing the falls is settled for overlooking the scenery far away. This is also the best place for viewing the falls. The children paddling area and the barbeque area are near the entrance of Wufengchi Waterfall. Thus, this is the best relaxing choice for the whole family.

Pretty forest winding stone path ( Linmei Shipan Trail )

Pretty forest winding stone path (Linmei Shipan Trail) is located in Lin village, Jiaosi Town, Yilan County. And it is a newly programmed forest train for the whole family to have a walk. It’s 2 kilometers long and 3 meters wide. It takes about 1 hour walk to finish the whole annular and twisted path along the canyon. The road is flat and surrounded by natural, ecological and beautiful sceneries, so you can appreciate dankish ferns, adnascent plants, Muma forest path and ditches remained by ancestors. In addition, the sounds of water flow echoing among the mountains and forests can be heard once in a while, so this scenery spot is too terrific to miss for photographers.