Home to fresh seafood, a surfing beach, and Yilan’s most accessible port (from Taipei City), Wushigang is a fun place to spend the day, and is only a 90 minute journey from Taipei.

The harbour features a tourist fishery market, leisure yacht wharf, and is a great place to organise an expedition out on the seas!

Meaning “dark rock” in Chinese, Wushi Harbour was built as the primary port for the Lanyang and Toucheng areas of Yilan County during the Qing Dynasty. Due to the high amount of commerce in the area, pirates were drawn to the seas east of Taiwan, so the Qing set up a customhouse and cannon defence for the area.

At the centre of the port is the Wushi Port Visitor Center, designed by Victor Yu-chu Su to show Wushigang as the point which river meets the ocean, with architecture following a sailing theme. The lower level is a government-operated tourist centre and the upper level is a local shop and café.

The harbour was inaugurated in 1826 and at the time maintained waterways that linked to Qingyuan Temple and the local merchant Thirteen Trade Houses.


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