Tai Ping Shan Forest Park is located in Datong, Tai Chung County, 1950 meters above the level and 12,000 hectares in area. The forests that cover the area consist of such valuable trees as abundant cypress and pine trees. It used to be one of Taiwan’s three major forest recreation areas, ranking with Alishan Mountain and Baxian Mountain. The area is also famous for the geothermal energy at the Renze Hot Springs, the largest alpine lake on the island (Cuifeng Lake), and a variety of other enchanting sceneries. One of the prime tourist spots here is the Taipingshan primeval forest park, which you reach via flights or stone steps lined with purple-leafed maple trees that become especially rich in color in autumn, cool in summer and covered white snow in winter. Scenery here differs with the seasons. No wonder that this is a favorite spot worth visiting in all seasons!


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